How-to : Edit keyboard layout in Linux

Most of the time when I am writing, I am using the standard US keyboard layout. As I have to write my university homeworks or some e-mails in German I often have the irritating problem using the German keyboard layout – Y and Z letters are exchanged.

Some years ago, when I started using Linux, I found a really nice feature. There were a special kind of German keyboard layout called “German(qwerty)”. That was exactly what I was searching for. The default German layout, but Y and Z were at the “right” places. Perfect! Well this didn’t last long. Since Ubuntu 12.04 (as far as I remember) this layout was removed and was no longer available as a standard layout. But here comes the best aspect of Linux – there are no such things as “default” things. Default could be everything that the user wants 🙂 So I decided to look around and found the solution after no longer than 10 minutes – you can change the keyboard map of every layout in Linux. Here is how to do it. On the second line we

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