How-to : Install latest Eclipse IDE version in Linux and fix interface issues

Everyone has seen that in the official Ubuntu, Debian or Mint repositories, the version of Eclipse IDE is not the latest (as the time I am writing this post, the latest stable version is Eclipse 4.3.1 Kepler). But as I already mentioned in previous posts, that should not be and is not a problem in Linux 🙂

So before we begin with the installation guide, you should have installed Java on your computer. I would recommend you to install Oracle Java 7. There is a good tutorial and as well a repository for it here. If everything is all right, when you type the following command

$ java -version

the output should look like this one(in my case the latest version of java is 1.7 update 51)

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How-to : Edit keyboard layout in Linux

Most of the time when I am writing, I am using the standard US keyboard layout. As I have to write my university homeworks or some e-mails in German I often have the irritating problem using the German keyboard layout – Y and Z letters are exchanged.

Some years ago, when I started using Linux, I found a really nice feature. There were a special kind of German keyboard layout called “German(qwerty)”. That was exactly what I was searching for. The default German layout, but Y and Z were at the “right” places. Perfect! Well this didn’t last long. Since Ubuntu 12.04 (as far as I remember) this layout was removed and was no longer available as a standard layout. But here comes the best aspect of Linux – there are no such things as “default” things. Default could be everything that the user wants 🙂 So I decided to look around and found the solution after no longer than 10 minutes – you can change the keyboard map of every layout in Linux. Here is how to do it. On the second line we

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