How-to : Modify images with Nemo

Few years ago when I started using Linux, what really impressed me wast the whole bunch of small but very useful programs which I’ve never seen for Windows. One of those things was an extension for Nautilus which had the ability to manipulate and modify images without even using external applications and programs – only the file manager. Unfortunately, I’ve stopped using Nautilus because I don’t really like GNOME anymore and I’ve migrated to Linux Mint. The browser in Mint is called Nemo which actually is a Nautilus fork. But this doesn’t mean that you can use the same extensions as before with Nautilus. So I stopped using this pretty useful extension and forgot about it. Some days ago¬†unexpectedly I saw a post about the same extension but this time for Nemo as well!

What actions can be performed by the new extension?

  • apply effects – black and white, blur, border, contour, negative, vintage, watermark, etc.
  • transform – rotate, resize or flip.
  • enhance – change brightness, color, contrast, sharpness.
  • convert – jpeg, bmp, png, gif, etc.

Nemo image tools

Install Nemo/Nautilus image tools :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/nemo-extensions
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nemo-image-tools

Then Nemo should be restarted with

nemo -q

The instruction for nautilus are just the same. The only thing to be changed is to replace “nemo” with “nautilus”

I have tried the extension in both Mint 15 Olivia and Mint 16 Petra. Unfortunately with Olivia I had some problems, which after some workarounds were fixed, but I strongly recommend to use them with Mint 16 Petra. The same extension is available as well for Nautilus, if you are using GNOME as a window manager, but I personally haven’t tried it. Below you can find some more screenshots from the extension

Convert images Resize images Vintage Rotate

Most of the other functions have the only option to overwrite the Original image.

Except the minor bugs which can be found during the usage of the extension, it is a really useful one which I’ve missed a lot!

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