Munich open source migration

Munich, GermanyMunich finally did it! After 10 years the migration from Windows to Linux is completed! 10 years ago the administration of Munich, Germany decided to migrate from enterprise software to open source and especially from WinNT to LiMux – special distro created for the administration of the city. In the earliest version of the Operating System it was based on Debian and it is latest stable version from August 2011 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

The statistics about the migration are really impressive. More than 12 000 computers migrated to the OS – the exact number is 14 500 from the 15 500 desktops used by the administration. The most impressive thing of all are the money that the administration saved – more than € 11.7 million! The other goal of the change was to make the administration more independent from proprietary manufacturers, products and operating system. Not only the operating system, but the document format was changed as well. Open Document Format (ODF) is now the official document format of the city council. The city also managed to develop an own form management system called WollMux which has own templates and letterheads. WollMux is an open-source software as well.

Munich’s deputy mayor, Christine Strobl, said in the announcement that with the project’s success and the sharing of results and solutions with the public, the city took an important step toward more openness and independence from individual software makers. And not only the city did it, but the open source community as well. Small step for a man, a giant leap for Open Source!

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