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Hi there again. As you may already saw, LinuxJournal Readers’ Choice Awards 2013 were announced last week. The awards could be seen here. So let’s make a quick review over the awards. What were the expected ones from me, what is the readers’ choice and in the comments you can as well tell me which is your choice of course. Let’s go!

The first award was for Best Linux distribution. Nothing so unexpected here. Ubuntu won, as everyone has predicted. What is really surprising here is the third position of Arch Linux! And Arch is before Mint! That was the only big surprise in this category. The other ones are pretty much expected. The things are a little bit different with the second award where Debian is the best distro for netbooks. And when Debian is really a good choice because of the support of so many hardware components, Arch is again in top 3 and this time on the second position! Ubuntu is third before all its derivates like Xubuntu or Lubuntu. So no any big surprises here except again the good position of Arch. Then the awards go a little bit mobile – Best mobile Linux operating system, Best Linux smartphone manufacturer and¬†Best Linux Tablet. The awards go here for Android, Samsung – as the biggest manufacturer using Android and both Nexus tablets. So here everything goes without surprises again. After the mobile awards, coming the server and super computing award. They go to IBM as the biggest vendor and second award for Debian as the best distro for High-Performance computers. A little surprising here is that CentOS is behind Ubuntu, where CentOS is one of the commonly used distro for clusters. Then we go to best Linux desktop distro where Ubuntu wins again. Finally, the best Linux distribution in my opinion – Linux Mint – comes to the second place and Arch is third. After the desktop distribution comes of course desktop environment. Here the award goes to KDE. I am really disappointed here because I do not personally like KDE and in my opinion the award should go to Cinnamon. But after the support of GNOME 2 was stopped, the people really do not like GNOME 3 and that is why they are searching for the best alternative. Up to now, they are finding it mostly in KDE, because Unity is hmm let’s say not the best choice. So no surprises for me here, but disappointment. Then comes the most deserved award for Best Other Linux-Based Gadget. The winner here is of course for the greatest Raspberry Pi! With almost 70% the little computer smashes everything else. As a big fan of this System on a Chip I am really happy with this award. Another deserved award follows the Pi – the best Laptop vendor is System76. The only vendor which is trying to make only Linux based laptops really deserves it. As many Linux fans, me as well, are using Lenovo and especially ThinkPad fans, the Chinese vendor comes second with almost the same percentage as the winner. Top 3 in the Best Linux-Friendly Hardware Vendor is again a great one. Intel wins here followed by the previous two winners – Raspberry Pi and System76. The best workstation vendor is not again System76 because they mostly produce notebooks and Dell wins this award. Then we go again mobile and actually to Best Android App. Here the winner is Google with their maps. Firefox comes second except some phone, like my HTC Desire X for example, have some problems with Firefox, but Firefox for Android is really a great browser so the second position is deserved for it. The best Content Management System is of course WordPress. Then comes the best hosting company where the winner is Amazon. I really can not comment this section as I have not used any of the candidates. The next awards are for Mozilla community. The best browser is of course Firefox, Thunderbird follows Feedly as the best RSS reader, except I prefer Liferea – it is really lightweight and great, the best bookmark-syncing tool is again Firefox and best mail client is again as expected – Thunderbird. For the mail client award is surprisingly that Geary has only 2.8% , but if you are looking for a nice, good working and lightweight mail client, than Geary is your choice. Pidgin and XChat are winning the IM Client and Chat client awards. The next award is for Twitter client. This category is interesting for me because I am starting to use twitter at the moment and I should try the best ones, chosen by Linux Journal. Anyways, the winner here is an application called¬†TweetDeck. The office and everyday used programs are coming next. The best office suite is of course, really the best one – LibreOffice. With more than 70% this is one of the easiest victory. Best graphic tool is GIMP, Audacity is the ultimate audio tool, whereas VLC wins the award for best audio player. Really interesting but VLC is actually the best audio AND video player, so this is not a big surprise for anyone. Amarok and Clementine are following VLC and Clementine is really a good choice for an audio player. If you are searching for one, this is a great choice and you can use it in Windows and Mac OS as well. The best collaboration on-line tool goes to Google again with their docs. Dropbox is the best cloud file storage. It is indeed, but I want to try the second candidate – ownCloud. I will write a post about it in the following weeks when I have time to try it. The best Linux game is Minecraft followed by Half-Life. In my personal top Football Manager 2014 and the two versions of Half-Life are the winners, but I am too prejudiced in this category. The best video chip vendor under Linux is finally NVidia! A really waited award for me, because I prefer them and the support in the last one year was really good. We are expecting of course more of them and I believe we will gonna get it. The top 3 best SQL Databases are MySql, MariaDB and PostgreSQL in that order and MongoDB is the best not SQL Database. The best backup solution is Clonezilla but I prefer the command line, Dropbox (which is second) or the native Mint backup tool. Most of the people prefer VirtualBox for virtualization followed by KVM and VMWare products. The best monitoring application is Nagios. In my opinion, htop is good enough as well, but maybe it is not a bad idea to try Nagios. Apt and Apt-get are the best configuration and package management tools. In the revision control systems everything looks more than clear – Git wins with 78%. I should say it is really well-earned and Git tutorials will be written in this blog as well as I personally prefer Git and SVN (which is second). Some more programming awards are next – best debugger is of course GDB and Nmap is the best Open source security tool. The best programming language due the opinion of the users is Python. Well-earned and expected. Python is really useful for Linux, it is easy to learn and a lot of libraries are available at the moment. As we are talking about Linux, C and C++ are following. They are mainly used by kernel or system programmers so their position in the category is expected. Java, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript and others are next. Python wins as well the category about best scripting language which is unexpected for me because Bash is of course mostly used in Linux. No surprises by the best text editor – beyond all doubts Vim is the best one here. Vim almost won the award for best IDE but here the best one is of course Eclipse. Surprisingly the good IDE from JetBrains called IntelliJ has only 3%. When Google make it the default IDE for Android with their Android Studio we are going to see more percents for it. The best development platform for Internet apps is Qt. The best Java JRE award goes to OpenJDK. Really expected here except I prefer the Oracle one because most of the things are written for it. Tomcat is the best Java server followed by the well-known jboss. The best journaling system is no doubt ext4 and with more than 72%. Dolphin wins the file manager award followed by Nautilus. I think Nemo, a Nautilus fork used in Mint, is even a better choice than Nautilus. The best LJ columns goes to Shawn Powers with The Open-Source Classroom. The best Linux person goes to the “father” Linus Torvalds. Then we go to the best “worst” award which goes to GNOME 3, Mir and Ubuntu. A well-earned and deserved award goes to Steam for their commercial which helps Linux and improves the quality of the Linux products. The last two awards are for the small sized but great product called… Raspberry Pi of course! The awards are for Best New Open Source project and the second one is the most important one of all awards – Linux Product of the year! So those are all awards in this years LinuxJournal readers’ choice awards.

As a conclusion I would say that most of the Linux users like the same products and applications. For me the awards were really interesting and I was really happy seeing Firefox and Raspberry Pi getting so much awards because they really deserve it!

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