Finally first post!

Hi there. The first post in this blog will not be technical, connected with Open Source Software, Linux, computers, programming etc. It will be more like what is this blog all about? What does this FireTuX thing means and so on. So, what is this blog about? As you may already noticed, it is about Open things – software, hardware, Linux, as well as things which are connected with Linux and may not be “open” like Android and Kindle, of course about Firefox too. I will try to make a blog with How-to-s, books and apps reviews, application top charts and things which are interesting for me and I want to share with you. Interesting news from the IT world, programming tutorials and many more will be written here too.

And now the question – what is FireTuX? Yes, this is a hybrid between Tux (the famous Linux mascot) and Firefox (the popular (best) web browser). And actually why Linux and Mozilla’s browser? Elementary, my dear Watson, those are the things which you will find mostly here or at least posts connected with these two topics are going to be my main subjects.

So, enjoy reading, more posts are coming in the following days, weeks, months and hopefully years.

P.S. Share as much as you want – knowledge, posts, how-to-s etc. Everything here is free and open!

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